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dear yuletide author

This got a little late coming, my apologies!

Dear yuletide author,

Thank you for agreeing to write a story for me in one of the itty bitty fandoms we apparently share. <3 I love all three of my requests this year, I am SO EXCITED.

As always, the usual disclaimer to this letter/the request applies: follow your heart, write what you love, no stress, optional details are optional. The very existance of a story in one of these fandoms for these characters is enough to take me to the moon.

I don't really have anything to add to the specific fandom requests, except to say that in all cases (especially the Shadow Campaign series and Orphan Black) I really do love all the characters, so feel free to include more than the ones I have listed if you like.

general thingsCollapse )

That's all I have for you. Have fun! See you on the other side.


dear yulegoat!

Hi! Hi! I'm late posting but I'm alive!

You're awesome. I like you already. I'm so excited to read a story in one of the fandoms we share! Ahhhh. I don't really have anything to add to my individual requests this year, so I will perhaps just mention (or, uh, shamelessly lift from ghosts of yulegoat letters past) a few general things if you are looking for more information.

Before we go any further than that: optional details are totally optional. Write what you want to write! Follow your story-writing heart! I would much rather receive a story somebody actually enjoyed writing. Also, I am very easy to please. :P


things! plus a wee mad fat diary noteCollapse )

That's it that's all. If you find yourself wanting more information/reassurances about something, do what I do and apply a pollyrepeat to the situation. In my experience this always helps. Have fun!


yuletide letter

Dear Yuletide author,

Hey hi hello! I think this is the first time I've gotten my letter up before assignments have gone out. \o/ \o/

First off, thank in advance for writing a story for me. Ugh it's like magic I'm so excited. Second, yuletide letter disclaimer: optional details are optional. I would way rather read a story someone had fun writing than one covered in blood and tears and author agony. What I am saying here is FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Ahem. OKAY HERE WE GO

lackadaisy, bourne, shawshank redemption, oh my!Collapse )

And there you have it. I will also leave you with pollyrepeat's name - she knows my fannish heart, and will say reassuring things to you if you have questions or get stuck. Best of luck, Yuletide author! I hope you find something here you can work with, and have fun, and I will see you on the other side. <3


You know what that instrumental "My Heart Will Go On" song from Titanic is still really pretty. I don't even care, man, it's the truth.

This has been brought to you by Study Mix: Movie Scores Edition. Now back to work.

It is a disco-mutants-in-love kind of day.

And now, to productivity land! Here you must imagine me putting my fist in the air, and flying away on a rainbow. Also first I must rewatch tonight i'm fucking you by kuwdorabecause disco mutants. BUT THEN AFTER
Today is EMAIL SLAM DAY!!! which happens when I realize that I owe just about everyone I know some form of correspondence. But doesn't "STAND BACK I'M DOING AN EMAIL SLAM" sound better than "don't let me watch more Breaking Bad until I do this thing"?

This has been a post.

driveby fannish update: gpoy edition

Spoilers: Um, the approximate equivalent of somebody reading a book in the same room as you and making reaction faces and/or noises into her hands.


or well, after homework, anyway

Earlier this week I was cleaning out my gmail drafts folder and found the following:

-- when you find yourself watching boy meets world clips on youtube from the episode where shawn joins a cult and he's all like IT'S NOT A CULT, CORY but it totally is and cory's all like SHAWN WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN and you're only here because you know later there's going to be a super sincere best friends forever hug in a hospital because you saw the gif on tumblr... does that mean it's time to go to bed?


It's from like a year ago, and I thought oh, what can change in a year! For example, on this fine Friday night I am going to root for super sincere best friends forever hugs on stuff I watch on Netflix. Like an adult.

also felicity huffman and william h macy

School is in session, season premieres are underway, harvest has started, and yesterday I had my first cup of I'm-cold-let's-have tea. It is officially fall in all the ways that count.

I've plugged my TV picks into episodecalendar.com. Why yes I do use an online calendar to keep track of all the TV I mean to watch. It is actually really handy! I think I am most excited for New Girl, which was a surprise favourite for me last year. And also I'm going to try and watch Parks & Rec without being sad about Amy Poeler and Will Arnett. ...Sad feels like too strong a word. Um, not particularly invested except actually a little bit invested? Pop culture is weird.

But really everything's fine; as Ellen and Portia don't break up I can still believe in (celebrity) love.
So apparently yuletide noms are going to be open soon! AW YISS. Two words - Murdoch Mysteries. Murdoch Mysteries is a delightful Canadian mystery series set in the late 19th century. It stars a robot from space (but not really (but yes kind of)). It also features A Sidekick, whose name is George, and I SO BADLY want people-take-George-seriously fic. (This is a really fun show, but consequencessssssss! They would be sooooo beautifulllllll!)

You know, every year I think, ha! This year yuletide will be a cake walk, because I have done it before/ I know how to write fluff now/ I am no longer in school/ I'll start earlier. And every year I am wrong.

But I really do think that this is totally the year, man! Smooth sailing. Good time management.

Speaking of evidence to the contrary, Avengers Big Bang update: threat level: noooo longer applicable. Why yes pollyrepeat and I were a wee bit mistaken about the deadline. Yes even between the two of us. No I am not particularly surprised. Oh well! The good news is we now have most of a story finished. It's got a plot and everything! \o/

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